Voltage Sensor Module DC 0-25V

Special Parameters :

1‐Voltage input range : DC0‐25 V

2‐Voltage detection range : DC0.02445 V‐25 V

3‐Voltage analog resolution : 0.00489 V

4‐DC input interface : red terminal positive with VCC, negative with GND



Voltage Sensor Module DC 0-25V

The Voltage Sensor Module DC 0-25V is making this is because I couldn’t find any really helpful information on how to fix the code for my voltage sensor. Arduino’s have built in voltage sensors. Unfortunately, they only support voltages of 0-5 V. This module allows you to measure voltages of 0-25 V by presenting a lower voltage to the arduino for measuring. After you have this value you simply feed it through some math and you get your actual voltage. Don’t ask me how this math works. I don’t know. If you do know however, please share. I’m really just editing the example code from the seller so that it will display decimal values instead far less useful int values. By liking Our Facebook Page Embeded Studio , you can get special discount. Data Sheet of Voltage Sensor Module DC 0-25V can be also downloaded from the link.

To start you need to wire it up. It’s extremely easy as it only needs 3 wires.

Plug + into 5 V, – ground and S into an analogue pin. I have removed all but the relevant pins in a pin-out of the arduino nano. If you’re using another model then you’ll have to figure them out on your own. Any analogue pin will do. As far as I am aware at least. Once you have done this you’re ready to move on to the software.


  • GND –  This is where you connect the low side of the voltage you are measuring.   Caution! : This is the same electrical point as your Arduino ground.
  • VCC:  The is where you connect the high side of  the voltage you are measuring


  • S:  This connects to your Arduino analog input.
  • – (or minus):  This connects to your Arduino ground.
  • +:  This is not connected.  It does absolutely nothing… zilch… nada… jack diddly doo doo.

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