XGecu Pro T48 Universal Programmer Price in Pakistan

XGecu Pro T48 TL866-3G  Parameters:

  • 32-bit MCU with 120MHZ, 4-layer PCB Design, USB2.0 HS 480MHZ
  • Volume: 10X6.5X2.8 cm (almost the same as TL866II)
  • 16 channel ISP
    Total 56-channel dedicated IO
    56-channel high-speed high-voltage isolation
  • VCC voltage 1.8-6.5V 64 levels adjustable, VPP voltage 9V-25V 64 levels adjustable.
  • Power consumption: 5V <500MA. Static power consumption: 60mA. Without external power supply interface.
  • Self-test function, self-test each pin of VPP/VCC/GND/IO
  • Suitable for developers and maintenance personnel, can do small batch production for high capacity chips, support simultaneously working with 4 Programmers on each computer.
  • Support operating Systems: Windows XP,2003,2008, Vista  Win7 WIN8 WIN10 WIN11

11,750 12,500


XGecu Pro T48 Universal Programmer Price in Pakistan

XGecu Pro T48 Universal Programmer Price in Pakistan. The XGecu Pro T48 epitomizes technological prowess in the realm of universal device programmers, offering a comprehensive solution for programming a vast array of integrated circuits (ICs). Renowned for its versatility, efficiency, and reliability, the T48 caters to the needs of engineers, technicians, and hobbyists alike, facilitating seamless programming operations across diverse applications.

At the heart of the XGecu Pro T48 lies its advanced programming capabilities, which support a wide range of IC types, including EEPROMs, FLASH memory, microcontrollers, and more. With support for over 18,000 devices and counting, this programmer ensures compatibility with both mainstream and niche components, making it an indispensable tool for electronic design and repair tasks. Whether programming automotive ECUs, industrial controllers, or consumer electronics, users can rely on the T48 to deliver fast and accurate programming results.

Features of XGecu Pro T48 :

One of the standout features of the XGecu Pro T48 is its intuitive user interface, which streamlines programming workflows and enhances user experience. Equipped with a high-resolution color LCD display and ergonomic navigation controls, the programmer facilitates effortless operation, even for novices. Additionally, the inclusion of intuitive software with frequent updates ensures compatibility with new devices and features, keeping the T48 at the forefront of programming technology.

The T48’s programming speed is another key selling point, thanks to its advanced algorithms and hardware design. With support for high-speed USB communication and multi-threaded programming, this programmer achieves blazing-fast programming times, reducing production cycles and improving efficiency. Moreover, features such as batch programming and auto-identification of connected devices further expedite programming tasks, allowing users to maximize productivity without sacrificing quality.

Durability and reliability are inherent qualities of the XGecu Pro T48, underscored by its robust construction and stringent quality control processes. Engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use in professional environments, this programmer offers long-term performance and peace of mind, ensuring consistent results even under demanding conditions.

In summary, the XGecu Pro T48 stands as a pinnacle of excellence in universal device programming, combining versatility, efficiency, and reliability in a single package. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and robust design, it remains a top choice for electronic engineers, technicians, and hobbyists seeking a superior programming solution for a wide range of ICs.


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